Those Lovely Lady Lumps

Along with countless others, last year I dressed as Snooky for Halloween.  The make-up and the hair were fairly easy to replicate, the boobage however required a little more creativity.  My problems were initially solved with the Bouncy Bosom Costume Accessory.

It was kind of fun at first going from the adult poster child for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee to giving even Pammy a run for her money.  But the fun wore off pretty quick because they really got in my way; in fact I had to tie them down so they would stop bouncing around so much and getting caught in my armpit.

I bet his friends love this pic!

I often hear my larger chested friends talking with other larger chested friends about the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect sports bra. The evening spent as one of Jersey Shores finest and the three glorious weeks after my daughter was born are the sum total of my experience of having any kind of cleavage.  I guess we all want a little of what we don’t have and I would gladly give up my fabulous fingernails for a full B cup.  So when they catch me in full eye roll mode I get the comment that usually goes something like “you are so lucky that you can wear all of the little sports bras with little straps” followed up with “I wish I had smaller boobs”.  Ouch that one hurt, but they are right about the little sports bras.  I don’t even need to try them on, I just grab my size in the latest colour.

For the past few weeks, my boobolicious friend Raeanne has been trying out a sports bra for the well endowed.  Oh, she has done her research and since I have no street cred in this area, I asked her to share her insights.  Here is what she had to say…

The equestrian bra

I started running 10 years ago and made typical “newbie” mistakes including running in cotton and without a proper sports bra.
Soon I noticed the positive impact running was making so I invested in technical clothing but had a difficult time finding a sports bra.  My bra size was 40E and there were not a lot of options.  I tried wearing two bras, one bra with a really tight tank top, duct tape crossed my mind but I never did call in Red Green 😉 rather, I found a bra designed for equestrian riders.  It provided great support, however, it was too hot (not a good option on a hot summer day), and it was really bulky.  This photo shows how these contraptions look now, but, they were even longer in the bodice a decade ago.

Running has helped me shed some weight and I currently look for a bra size 36 D. This, along with a lot more choice for women in all shapes and sizes, makes bra shopping easier.

Here are three options to consider:

Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer:

Recently when the lovely ladies at Lululemon in Coquitlam Centre suggested I try the Ta Ta Tamer, I smiled and nodded thinking, “are you kidding me, a Lulu bra?!

The ta ta tamer

Tried ’em all, may as well go commando”.  But, I am a cooperative consumer and I headed into the change room.  I was STUNNED that it fit.  Both breasts fit into one Lululemon bra!  More impressively; it looked great.  As excited as I was about all of that, I remained skeptical thinking this nice looking, trendy bra couldn’t possibly provide support.  But it looked so darn good I decided to give it a go.  I’ve been running in it for a few weeks.  It is comfortable and I love how it fits under a tank with no bra showing.  For a bra with no under-wire it offers good support, but, it is not as supportive as I’d like.  If you are dead set against under-wire this is a great option but I prefer the support that only seems to come with wire.  The bra has removable padding.  I prefer the pads out for appearance, but it is comfy either way.  The bra straps detach so they can be crossed to fit under tanks with that feature.  This increases support but I found it pulled on my neck so prefer the conventional strap option.  The Ta Ta Tamer comes in great colours, is well priced and fits me really well.  I wear it as a fitness bra but it is not the best running bra for me.  I will buy more and wear the Ta Ta Tamer as an everyday bra (it is less expensive than my usual bras) and looks great.

Moving Comfort Mia:

The folks at Runner’s Den in Port Moody suggested this bra about a year ago.  I didn’t hesitate to try it because it looks very supportive complete with cups and under-wire.  It fit well, very comfortable, and I could tell it would be supportive. I have run in this style bra for over a year.  There is no chance of “uni-boob” because the under-wire keeps the girls on their own sides.  It has two layers: an outer smooth piece of fabric and two inner “cups” that are soft with no seam.  Straps are wide, soft, thick and comfy.  This bra is more supportive than the Ta Ta Tamer, but is more bulky and shows under tanks.


For about 5 years before discovering the Mia, I ran in the Femi.  (bought it at Diane’s Lingerie on S. Granville).  It is the most supportive bra I’ve run in.  The under-wire comes higher up around each breast than the Mia.  The cups are soft, thick fabric which is comfortable; however, they have a seam.  I was concerned about chaffing, but, that has not been an issue.  The seam does create two aesthetic issues:  1 – the seam shows, and 2 – it creates a really pointy profile.  The straps could use a bit of padding for a nicer feeling on the shoulders.

The mia

The femi


In a perfect world the Bra Goddess would create a bra with the under-wire of the Femi, the thinly padded separate cups of the Mia, with the styling design of the Ta Ta Tamer.

Rae's 'BMO Marathon Story' shoot with Lululemon


4 Responses to “Those Lovely Lady Lumps”
  1. DeAnna says:

    This post comes with good timing when I’m gearing up to start running (again) and in serious need of some new sports bras after having lost almost 50 pounds! Thanks for the insight. I would have not even walked into a LuLu store thinking I wouldn’t find a sports bra to fit me! I’m about the same size so that gives me lots to think about and try out.

  2. Spring says:

    The first picture … the “equestrian” bra, is by Enell, and it’s the bra I use. I have tried so many and none held me quite the same way. But it’s ugly and the fabric doesn’t breathe – ugh! I tried the Ta-Ta Tamer and it didn’t give me enough support, but for my next go-round maybe I will try one of the other two mentioned. Thanks for the research!

  3. Keri says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss DeAnna! Happy shopping!

  4. Joanne says:

    I ran the 1/2 last year in a Champion (monboob) bra and it chafed where it clips in the back. I didn’t notice it during the run but later it really hurt. I will definitely try the Ta Ta Tamer. I also use a Nike Brand bra which is very supportive and has a breathable material so it feels ok when exercising… not wet. It also has good support for us well endowed girls…

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